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Sep 29, 2017

The Samsung Gear S3 is one of the best looking smartwatches currently in the industry and Samsung has made sure that the Tizen based wearable doesn't go obsolete in a matter of months like most smartwatches by cramming it with a huge number of features and an equally capable hardware. This is a good sign for developers as they can expect a sustainable business since the Gear S3 is sure going to be relevant for at least a couple of years with a good number of users.

Hence there is a huge number of apps and watchfaces currently on the Galaxy Apps store with the current is said to be over 30,000! The 30,000 count also includes a huge number of games for the Gear S3 and the Gear S2. If you were on the Galaxy Apps store in search of some decent games to play on your Gear S3, the you might already know how huge the list is that it almost feels like an infinite scroll, this is certainly going to confuse even the best of us since most of the games are developed by Indie developers and not the big brands.

So we have compiled a list of some of the best games for the Gear S3 for you to have fun with and the best thing is they're all FREE!


Best Games for Gear S3

1) Wind Rises

I have said it before and I will say it again, this is one of the best and well optimized games for the S3. The developer has given great attention detail and made sure the over all experience on the tiny screen of the S3 is worth while. You have to control an old plane that is being under constant attack from meteors and collect coins on your pursuit.


2) Spy War

This game puts some test on your vision and thinking speed, your task is to help the people who have been tied up as hostages in a building floor by floor and shoot all the bad guys while at it. The gameplay is simple, tap on the screen when the bad guys appear to kill them and rotate the bezel when the hostages appear to free them.

3) Fishing Go!

Strategies and vision testing aside, if you just want to have some fun then install Fishing Go! right away. Just like the name he suggests, this is a fishing game. Swipe the screen to throw the line wait until a fish grabs the hook and start reeling in by either tapping the screen or rotating the bezel, the game also provides haptic feedback to give you a more realistic feel.

4) Goal Keeper

For the football fans out there, its your turn to guard the post and stop all the footballs coming your way using the rotating bezel. That might sound easy, but the catch here is that you have to let pumpkins, Yes pumpkins for some reason to pass you while you save the balls. Come in the way of the pumpkin and your game's over. This is one of those games where you set a high score and then challenge your friends to beat it.



5) Gear Tic Tac Toe

Remember the last pages of your notebooks were once a battlefield of tic tac toe with your friends during class? Well, now you can relive those days with Gear Tic Tac Toe. We wish that the developers had made it a multiplayer game, but for now, you will have to face the AI and there are three difficulty modes for you to choose from. If the 3x3 grid is less intensive for you then you can also play the larger 5x5 version in the game.


6) Mucha Gun

Another fun packed shooting game which lets you pick from three types of weapons- catapult, regular gun and a machine gun. Your job here is to kill an endless wave of incoming cute looking monsters and the way you do that is by tapping repeatedly on the screen to fire at them and look around for more monsters by rotating the bezel of course.

7) Snipe n Watch

The circular display of the Gear S3 is a perfect replacement for Sniper's scope and hence the developers of the Snipe n Watch game seem to have taken notice of it. Your task is to find the mentioned target who is present far away in a large building and shoot him/her. Rotating the bezel lets you zoom in or out the scope. Swipe to move around your crosshair and then tap on fire to pull the trigger on your target.



8) Snake Classic

The classic Snake game from the good old Nokia days is here to make a comeback on your Super Amoled Gear S3 screen. The best thing about this game apart from the nostalgia is the way you can control the snake's direction. No stupid virtual keys here, it's all in the magic of the Rotating bezel of the Gear S3. This is a game we recommend for all of our Gear S3 users as it is even less demanding on the battery and still lets you have fun.

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