The future of Smart Home is close with Samsung Smart Home

Efe Udin
Sep 18, 2017

A few years ago, the word "smart home" sounded like a dream. However, incessant developments and innovations over the years have many to realize that smart home in the IoT era is the future and it is almost here. Samsung Electronics will be giving a glimpse of smart home abilities from September 8 to October 23 at the Gwangju Design Biennale, an exhibition of contemporary art.

This leading international exhibition attracts exhibitors from over 30 countries and Samsung shows visitors that in the future smart home, all home appliances can be interconnected via the current improvements in IoT. Samsung Family Hub refrigerator and Samsung Connect application, which will probably be the heart of the interconnected IoT devices, will also be showcased.




Life is easier with Family Hub

Just imagine the scene, you are busy in the kitchen when you say, “Bixby, run cleaning mode,” to your Family Hub refrigerator. In an instant, your robot vacuum cleaner, POWERbot, turns on and begins to clean. As Family Hub also plays your favorite tune, you glance over to check on the status of your laundry in your FlexWash laundry machine, which sits in another part of the house, via Family Hub’s display panel.



A refrigerator is a home appliance that runs 24/7, all year round, for families to use anytime they want. This is the main reason why Samsung has positioned Family Hub at the core of its smart home vision.

Samsung Family Hub refrigerator features a beautiful, large 21.5-inch screen, as well as utilizes the latest in voice recognition technology. Samsung, leveraging its leadership in IoT to build an ecosystem for contents and services beyond just products, provides users with vast content and services options. Families can manage food items, find recipes, shop for groceries, as well as enjoy various entertainment options. These smart options are only available on Family Hub, with Samsung continuing to grow Family Hub’s partner ecosystem by collaborating with more than 100 partner companies across North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific.


Samsung Connect Expands the Smart Home Ecosystem

Samsung Connect for the smart home was first demonstrated at IFA 2017, as an integrated application system that controls different home appliances, and based on the cloud, is compatible with any device or operating system. In the Samsung Smart Home with the Samsung Connect app, users can control as well as check on the status of nearly every device or appliance in their home. Voice support will also soon be integrated into the Connect app.


To illustrate how Samsung Connect works, picture this: While driving home, you say “Bixby, tell me the room temperature.” The sensor on your Wind-Free air conditioner at home, which is linked to the Samsung Connect App, measures the temperature of your home and your mobile device communicates the reading to you by voice. Since you realize it is getting a little too warm at home, you ask Samsung Connect to turn on the air conditioner before you arrive.

Samsung has also been focusing on expanding its open ecosystem by closely interacting with other manufacturers. As a diamond member of the Open Connectivity Foundation (OCF), the company is actively pursuing the standardization of the smart home and IoT platform.

Samsung is also working with various third parties to integrate voice support, for example, with Amazon to integrate the Alexa voice assistant into its refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners and robot vacuums, and also with Google Home for integration into its robotic vacuums. Samsung plans to focus on expanding services through collaboration with various smart home companies and increase the range of devices compatible with SmartThings, building a comprehensive IoT ecosystem that ultimately connects everything.

Sounds very futuristic, right? Samsung Smart Home is already becoming a reality thanks to the efforts of Samsung to integrate a smart system and IoT functionality to connect to home appliances. It may not be very long before we all are living in smart homes ourselves!

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