Gear Fit2 now gets Continuous HRM, Heart Rate Zones and More Watch Faces via software update DQI2

Sep 27, 2017

The Tizen OS powers a lot of tech and one of the important "tech types" for us is Samsung's line of wearable devices.  The Gear Fit2 was the first Samsung Fitness Tacker to run Tizen and it has to be said that it runs it very well (not too biased? Lol).

Today, the Fit2 has received a software / firmware update to version DQI2 / R36OXXU1DQI2 / R36OOXA1DQI2. This is a relatively small update, measuring only 18.96MB, but it brings with it a great feature. You can now track your heart rate continuously and also set heart rate zones. Many athletes rely on these features to be able to optimally train and make those ever important GAINS.

As well as the usual Bug fixes and various improvements you also get New Watch faces: Fitness Pro watchface series and Pedometer watchface. Last, but not least, there are a couple of new apps: Schedule App and Weather APP.



What are Heart Rate Zones?

Your heart rate is one of the best indicators that is able to tell you how hard your body is working during your workout. Heart rate zones can be defined as percentages of your maximum heart rate. On the lower end of your heart rate scale you have your resting heart rate, the amount of BPM that actually keeps you alive. On the other end of the spectrum you have your maximum heart rate, which as you can imagine is the maximum it can go. Between these two values there are 5 different heart rate zones that correspond to training intensity and training benefit. Depending on your fitness goals, physical condition and training regime, you will be best training at one or more of the following zones:

Heart Rate Zone 1: 50–60% of HR Max - Very Light
Heart Rate Zone 2: 60–70% of HR Max - Light
Heart Rate Zone 3: 70–80% of HR Max - Moderate
Heart Rate Zone 4: 80–90% of HR Max - Hard
Heart Rate Zone 5: 90–100% of HR Max - Maximum


What's new

Below are is the full change log for firmware update DQI2 for the Gear Fit2:

  • New Features: Continuous HRM with heart rate zones
  • New Apps : Schedule App and Weather APP
  • New Watch faces: Fitness Pro watchface series and Pedometer watchface
  • Bug fixes and various improvements


The update has so far only be seen in Indonesia and we would expect to see it rolling out to the rest of the world in the coming days. Have you already got the update? Let us know in the comments. Well spotted Faisal 😉

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