Hancom Office and Office Viewer get an update


One of the first office document editing apps in the Tizen Store were the hancom office apps. The developers have now released two apps from their development: one is Hancom Office Viewer that comes preloaded on all Tizen Smartphones and another one is Hancom Office Editor, which is available on Tizen Store for all Tizen Smartphones. Best app for view and edit any document, pdf, excel etc. type files. Totally supports Microsoft Office documents: .doc / .docx / .txt / .rtf / .dot / .dotx; Spreadsheet: .xls / .xlsx / .csv / .xlt / .xltx; Presentation: .ppt / .pptx / .pot / .potx / .ppsx / .pps; PDF: .pdf.



Today the developers updated the hancom apps for Tizen Smartphones and bring some improvements:

  • Scroll effect is now speedier than ago on multiple page documents
  • Taking less RAM than ago
  • Faster opening than the previous version
  • And some more improvements in editing option


So, we now get a more stable version of these hancom apps in our Tizen Smartphones. The updated version is 9.60.81 both from 9.60.76 of hancom office viewer and 9.60.68 of hancom office editor. The update is now rolled out for all Tizen Smartphones and update size is about 10MB total.