Learn making your own Tizen games with Unity's built in tutorials

Sep 11, 2017

If you google up yourself or ask someone who is already into game development about the best way to get started with building your own games then you probably might have been referred to start with Unity. However, that's easier said than done as Unity is a pretty big game engine to explore as a beginner and gets even worse when you're on your own. All the tools and options which are there to make your work easy could be extremely overwhelming at first sight.

But for that online tutorials from YouTube or paid courses have been around for a while, making things easy for beginners. However, we all can probably relate to the difficulties of following a tutorial online and then doing it on our own, this is even more cumbersome when something that you are trying to learn is a new coding language or a computer program such as Unity which will require you to keep swapping between the browser to follow a step and then getting back on the software to execute it.

The folks over at Unity have realized these hurdles of beginners which is keeping them away from using their software and hence have come up with a solution their latest beta build 2017.2 which has an integrated interactive tutorial panel within the Unity program. The tutorials will also follow your actions and provide accurate guidance on what you need to do next to get you on lane to achieve your goal. With this Update, Unity is also opening up opportunities for its community to come with their own tutorials for various processes and even for their asset store tools.

So if you are someone who isn't all that impressed with the existing games available on the Tizen store and have been thinking of bringing your own titles to the store, then we highly recommend you to download the 2017.2 beta build from here to get started with Unity. Once you get a hang of it, compiling your games to the Tizen platform is a very simple task which we will cover in a future post.



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