Need a game to make you shudder? Try Ghost Evolution

Efe Udin
Sep 21, 2017

Games and more games are been regularly introduced to the Tizen Store and the game for today is "Ghost Evolution". We all know that anything that has to do with the word "Ghost" is associated with "Scary". Thus if absurd sights give you sleepless nights, you should probably stay away from this game.

Ghost Evolution is designed for lovers of horror stories, ghost stories, spooky stories, mystical stories, and this ghost game will make you shudder! The developers used a friendly soundtrack for this game, however, when you have multiple ghosts in play, their different sounds combined are quite scary. If you input identical ghosts, they will mutate to form another ghost. To get started, you acquire the Tuyul ghost, two of which you will merge to form Sundel Bolong and so it goes. All these take place in a cemetery.

There are 24 original INDIAN HEARTS and 6 JAPANESE HEALTH which spread all over the country from Sabang to Merauke and all the local ghosts gather here. There are numerous ghosts which include Tuyul ghosts, Ktilanak, Ngesot sisters, Jailangkung, Grandfather hoe, Buto Ijo, the sweet bridge ancol, Palasik and many others.



  • 6 Japanese Ghosts and their location
  • Collect fire in lieu of coins
  • Can buy ghosts whenever have a fire.
  • Can buy fire if you are lazy to collect it.


Ghost evolution is available for FREE download in the Tizen Store and this game is only 5.81MB in size thus you should be able to download and install it easily. It is available for Samsung Z1, Z2, Z3 and Z4. If you have any problem downloading or installing this app, please send a message to the developers or leave a comment on the comment section below.

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