New Multimedia Converter App for your Tizen Smartphone - Penzus MMT

Sep 5, 2017

Today, a new app developer by the name of Mikhail Zenov has added another cool app for Tizen Smartphones. Multimedia converting is one of the main problems for Tizen Users and so Penzus MMT is designed to cure that problem.

Last year Om Prakash added a new app - Videoaudio Converter for video and audio file converting. The app was originally released for the BlackBerry OS and later for Android and we can't see it on iOS or any other OS. But, now the developer has stopped working on all the other platforms and has developed the app for Tizen. In BlackBerry OS the app had 4.6 rating in the app store. It is an awesome app for me.

Penzus MMT is a powerful professional tool for multimedia processing, video, audio and image files. The application offers over 15 of the most demanded functions for multimedia processing allowing you to convert audio/video files, cut video files into separate pieces, add or remove audio/video from files, merge two or more files into a single video file. Moreover, it allows you to easily and quickly create animated GIF files from video files or separate images. Additionally, Penzus MMT includes system features of Tizen operating system for a better user experience. Every function is provided with a comment, and the resulting file can be immediately viewed using the inbuilt preview or playback features.

App features

  • Extract audio from video
  • Change audio volume
  • Resize an image file
  • Resize a video
  • Change audio speed
  • Edit audio tags
  • Convert an audio file (AAC/MP3)
  • Convert a video into animated GIF
  • Convert a video into MP4
  • Convert a video into images
  • Convert images into animated GIF
  • Split video into multiple parts
  • Merge video and audio
  • Merge video files
  • Mute a video
  • Rotate an image file
  • Convert images into animated GIF
  • Convert a video to 3GP
  • Mixing video and audio


  • Enable sound (after conversion)
  • Enable vibration (after conversion)
  • Background theme (system, white color, purple color, white brick color and much more..)


  • Conversion process indication
  • Autosaving converted multimedia files to predefined directory (on device)
  • Viewing converted files
  • Deletion of converted files
  • Sharing converted files (through system inbuilt functionality)

The app does have its limitations as it has limited support for Tizen 3.0 and up (including Z4) and allows you to edit only audio tags (see ’Extra’ group). In future releases, we will introduce new features, giving users a powerful functionality for the entire application. This is the first time in Tizen App that 2.4 users get 95% more features from 3.0 users.

Download this app today from Tizen store. In Blackberry World the app was paid app for $4.99. But, now in Tizen Store, it is available for free with a download size of 14 MB for all Tizen Smartphones, but full features are available on Samsung Z1, Samsung Z3 and Samsung Z2 coming soon to Samsung Z4.

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