Open platform technology is the plan for Samsung’s Self-driving Car Business

Efe Udin
Sep 11, 2017

Self-driving car technology is advancing, and it is believed that self-driving cars will ease congestion by driving more efficiently. Samsung Electronics is right on top of this development as it looks to concentrate on open platform technology as opposed to the development of complete cars. In May and September this year, Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology and Samsung Strategy Innovation Center both got an autonomous vehicle testing license in South Korea and California respectively. This implies that the company is not really interested in the commercialization of self-driving vehicles, rather, it will strongly look into system platform development on the long term.

The ball has been set in motion for the development of self-driving technology. A couple of months ago, Samsung announced that it will combine Bixby, its new voice assistant system with Harman International Industries’ in-vehicle infotainment systems to produce a perfect self-driving experience. Harman, on the other hand, said that it will provide infotainment, HUD to audio, sound management, lighting, and dashboard operation. Similarly, Samsung Electronics is working on self-driving algorithms which will be safe even in bad weather. It aims to achieve this by combining intelligent auto parts and making them compatible with AI, deep learning and the likes.Samsung-self-driving-cars-1

Such a technological combination process is not new to Samsung considering what it is doing with the Tizen OS and ARTIK as an IoT platform. Initially, the Tizen OS was found on mobile devices alone but at the moment, it is well over the IoT ecosystem spearheaded by Samsung smart TV. This self-driving technology as propagated by Samsung is quite similar to its plans for ARTIK. In both cases, it is developing an open platform on which Samsung components and that of others can seamlessly interact with each other. In like manner, Harman’s automotive electronics technology and Samsung Electronics’ semiconductor and display technology will probably come together.


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