PITPAT on Samsung Gear Smartwatches could save you from Cardiac arrest

Efe Udin
Sep 19, 2017

Cardiac disease is a very common problem in the world today and happens to be the number one cause of deaths for US citizens, with nearly 820, 000 people (28% of the total population) lives alone in the US. Those who die of Cardiac Disorder take up a total 24% of the overall deaths. Approximately 740,000 US citizens suffer from cardiac arrest annually. The simple truth is that Cardiac Disorder can attack anyone, anywhere and anytime. The only way to survive cardiac arrest is to perform first aid as soon as possible. However, the problem is, how will you get people to know that you are in an emergency when you are alone?.


Samsung’s idea is to notify emergency situations of cardiac disease patients by combining the bioprocessing function of the Samsung Gear with Internet of Things (IoT) technology. This is possible through the software called PITPAT. When you wear the Gear after installing PITPAT on it, the device will be constantly measuring your physiological signs. When you do not have the Gear on, PITPAT stops working by using the Gear temperature detection function to know that it is not on you.


If an emergency is assumed based on unstable heart rate, the Gear will vibrate to check whether it is an actual emergency or not. If you do not respond, PITPAT starts handling the situation right away. The Gear will automatically report to 911 and notify your families and acquaintances of the situation. Any Smart TV in the home will automatically turn on and its volume will rapidly increase. The smart lighting in the house will be repeatedly turned on and off. All these are to alert neighbors and people passing by of the situation. The smart door of the house will open automatically to allow paramedics to gain access to the house and perform first aid quickly.





PITPAT is designed to save you from emergency situations. More important than the development of technology is your safety.

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