Prank your friends by changing your voice with the Voice Modulator app

Sep 5, 2017

We all love to prank around with our friends and family every now and then. How much more convenient is it when our beloved smartphones can help us with the prank? Well, there are a quite a lot of apps for that purpose even on the Tizen store and today we will be talking about one such app called Voice Modulator developed by Somyac Slawomir Baranowski.

Like the name of the app suggests, this app fiddles around with your voice by turning it into a funny or even scary rendition. The app includes the following list of Audio effects to play around with-

  • Monster
  • Speedo
  • Cry-Baby
  • Drunk
  • Baby
  • Echo short
  • Echo long

The App works by first recording your voice and then processing it by altering various parameters such as frequency, tempo, etc according to the selected Audio effect. Once the voice is modulated to the desired choice, you can then share it with your friends and family by choosing the app of your choice which allows sharing audio files such as Whatsapp, IMO, Facebook, etc.

While we would have liked it even more if the app could do real-time voice modulation for voice calls, we just got too happy with what the app does for now or until another such app lands into the Tizen store. Speaking of which, the development activities are on a constant rise for the Tizen store with a lot of Indie developers as well as established organizations getting onboard to the Tizen Platform to make a profit out of the 3-million+ Tizen smartphone users. The Voice Modulator app is 2.08 MB and can be found on the Tizen Store.

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