Pre-orders go Live for Gear Fit2 Pro in the US and UK, free U Flex earphones for the US customers

Sep 3, 2017

At IFA 2017, Samsung electronics took stage to announce a trio of wearable devices- the Gear Sport, the Gear Fit2 Pro and the Gear IconX (2018). Now that the devices had their moment to shine at the grand stage, it is time for them to reach out to the consumers. On that note, the Gear Fit2 Pro is now listed in both the US and UK as a pre-order with the expected shipping scheduled to be 15th of September. If you are going to be pre-ordering the Gear Fit2 Pro from the US, then you might want to hurry up to not miss out on Samsung's limited time offer, which bundles a Samsung U Flex wireless earphones worth $79.99 for free with your pre-order.




The Gear Fit2 Pro brings a number of improvements while the aesthetic changes are kept at a minimum when compared to its predecessor Gear Fit 2. The 1.5" curved Super Amoled display on the Pro is slightly smaller than the Gear Fit 2's 1.5 inch display. The Pro also ATM5 certified, so it can even be worn to track underwater activities like swimming with the default S-Health App as well as the new Speedo app. The Pro also supports playback of locally synced Spotify music tracks.



The Gear Fit 2 Pro can be pre-ordered for £209 from here. While in the US Samsung has put up both the large and small variants of the Gear Fit2 pro for pre-order which is just a change in the strap size and hence both go for a similar price tag of $199.99.

Getting back to the limited time U Flex earphones offer, the earphones will likely be shipped separately as the shipping date for them is scheduled for September 18th.

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