Reemo App for Gear S3 & S2 Preview: Keeps the elderly active, safe & healthy

Sep 12, 2017

Samsung will be showcasing three new apps that will be integrated with the Gear S2 and S3 going forward, at MWC Americas. One of the apps is Reemo which is designed as a companion for the elderly. The app tracks the activity level, heart rate and quality of sleep which they get. It is especially useful for care givers at Nursing homes for the elderly to be able to monitor each of the seniors and take adequate steps towards making them comfortable.



Reemo offers a range of functionality to the elderly, including health information, messaging capabilities, controlled home automation and more. Previewing the app, the Reemo dashboard adopts a clear view in real-time of personalized health data which would aid in the right treatment decision. This could reduce the number of visits to the doctor.The application also creates a continuous relationship between care givers and the elderly. This creates a safety net whereby the elderly can easily connect to get help just from their smartwatch using cellular communication. This gives some sense of security and gives them the leverage to move out from the sight of their care giver once in a while.

The Reemo app grants Caregivers access to the Reemo dashboard in order for them to monitor the trends and activities of the elderly they care for, so as to react proactively. By tracking activities carried out within the room, the time spent at home and other activities, Reemo distinguishes what is healthy from what constitutes risky activites. This is tracked using the Reemo mobility index which combines multiple sensor inputs and environmental factors into one score. The data could help caregivers and loved ones make more informed decisions about their own elderly well-being.


The dashboard is accessible from a computer or mobile device and provides users with a comprehensive set of personalized and actionable data. The smart app is indicated in the following conditions;
Indication and Detection
  • Advanced downgrade indicator
  • Early detection of conditions such as Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)
  • General health & wellness

Management of Chronic Illness

  • Parkinson's
  • Cardiovascular Disease
  • Arthritis
  • Mental Health and Depression
  • Multiple Sclerosis
The Reemo solution for Samsung Gear wearables also employ SDS Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) to simplify IT management better, customize the device and use IoT (Internet of Things). EMM also allows for greater control over the implementation and management of wearable features from afar, including remote wipe. In addition, Samsung Knox, a company-class security solution, is also used to improve the security of the elderly.

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