Samsung to begin streaming E-Sports content on its Smart TVs

Sep 19, 2017

After years of struggle by the gaming industry, E-sports has finally made it big on a Global level. E-sports earning has already surpassed some of the popular real world sports such as the Superbowl, Wimbledon, and the UEFA Europa League. The industry is also expected to surpass the billion dollar mark in terms of revenue by 2020. With so much money on the line, that means the community of gamers watching it is extremely large. The TV audience for E-Sports is larger than any NBA finals and hence Samsung are taking notice of this huge growth in TV audience for the gaming industry. As a result, Samsung is now entering E-Sports with their Smart TVs as a media galore for all things E-Sports.


Starting this week, Samsung will start broadcasting some of the popular E-sports such as Battleground, StarCraft and LoL (League of Legends) on all its 2015 and higher range of Samsung Smart TVs which run on Tizen OS in the US, Canada and South Korea. This comes as a result of Samsung's new partnership with South Korean based Afreeca TV who are a popular P2P technology reliant game streaming service.

The Streaming service will also soon be launched in Europe and Asia, as these regions are a major hub for E-Sports as well. With StarCraft being a major hit in South Korea, Samsung has also decided to stream StarCraft competitions in UHD resolutions although this won't be real-time.


Samsung is looking at the Gaming industry as a portal to revive TV business. Samsung already provides decent quality games through its Gamefly service available in the Smart Hub menu. Apart from that, Samsung also recently announced a partnership with Valve to launch the Steam Link app on its Smart TVs which lets users to stream their PC games on the big screen either through Wired or Wireless connection.

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