Samsung Gear S4 concept Idea found online

Sep 5, 2017

Here at Tizen Experts, we love concept designs and over the years we have seen lots of wonderful ideas and designs shown off by some talented designers. Earlier this year Matti Farhang showed off a concept Foldable Tizen Smartphone, which simply looked amazing.

We have also seen designs for the Samsung ZeQ 9000 smartphone which NTT DoCoMo were supposed to launch a few years ago but ultimately didn't. Tizen Azure was a mouth watering high-end flagship Tizen smartphone that featured a metal-titanium construction, rounded corners, 6mm thickness, with all the latest bells and whistles.

The concept design fun continued into the world of Tizen Smartwatches as we waited to see what the successor of the Samsung Gear S would look like - Gear A Tizen Smartwatch showed us some truly lovely images.

samsung-gear-S4-concept-futuristeNow, we have been forwarded a design for the Samsung Gear S4 that was created by Jermaine Smit. This watch is much more of a elegant classic look and nothing like its rugged Gear S3 brother, more suited to a non-sporty business man. Could this be the direction of the next Gear S watch? Personally I think Samsung will continue with the more athletic looking devices, but you never know what will happen.





Check out the video below to see what it could look like.

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