Samsung partners roll out VR for fitness, wearable solutions for work

Adithya Kumar
Sep 14, 2017

Mobile World Congress Americas is a platform where various OEM's will show new technologies and unveil new devices. This year, Samsung showcased new technological solutions that are being used by their partners.



These solutions offer innovative capabilities for businesses. They cater to a specific employee/customer needs. That includes bringing virtual reality to fitness centers and using wearables in specific workplace scenarios.



Samsung has unveiled a new VR bases solution called VirZOOM. It enables various fitness centers to help out their customers by extending their work out experience through Samsung Gear VR. Samsung also offered new wearables developed by its partners. These include SoloProtect, Reemo and Ability Wearables.

"We're seeing an incredible uptick in innovation through collaboration with our partners, As a result, we are seeing more mobile solutions emerge that are tailored to meet specific business needs - such as senior care facilities or lone worker scenarios" says Eric McCarty, VP of B2B Mobile Product Marketing for Samsung Electronics America.

The fitness centers using VirZOOM VR Platform can offer their members an enhanced workout experience aided by Virtual Reality.

For example using exercise bikes, built with a VirZOOM module will allow the user to immerse themselves in different games and cycling experiences. The module while rendering a particular environment, it will consider the user's peddling speed, as well as the handlebar's resistance buttons.


SoloProtect's Emergency Dispatch Center

A firm called SoloProtect has come up with a new way to protect its workers with a Gear S3. They give out the smartwatch to people whose job involves high risk such as real estate agents and healthcare workers. Since they might have to enter strangers' homes. The firm has set up an Emergency Dispatch Center, which is responsible for constant communication with the employee. They also provide emergency alerts and status checks for the employees.



Ability Wearables

Ability Wearables help employers monitor their workers' risk of fatigue, by using Samsung Gear Fit2 and Gear S3 biometric and GPS data. This should enable employers to reduce the operational risk involved in physically demanding sectors, like trucking and construction.



Finally, Reemo, another company that offers seniors a suite of functionality including wellness information, messaging capabilities has integrated their platform with Samsung Gear S2/S3. and much more. With this integration, The platform will offer both the seniors and their caregivers an insight into the patient's health, this includes their activity level, heart rate, and sleep quality. Thus giving the seniors a way to connect to their caregivers.


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