Samsung new IoT services for Smart Home unveiled at IFA 2017

Efe Udin
Sep 4, 2017

Internationale Funkausstellung (IFA) is a leading annual consumer electronics show held in Berlin, Germany. Over the years, Samsung has used this conference to unveil a lot of its products and innovations. This year's IFA conference which held on the 30th of August wasn't any different because Samsung displayed a collection of new Internet of Things (IoT) and intelligent services for home appliances amongst other products. It unveiled more sophisticated Family Hub refrigerators and Samsung Connect app which can easily integrates products across the cloud. The standardization of global IoT technologies has been championed by Samsung Electronics for a long time and it believes that by 2020, all Samsung devices will leverage connectivity.



New Smart Home Innovations

The Family Hub capabilities have been expanded such that you can now simply speak to the refrigerator and it will respond. The European market will receive this voice functionality later this year. With this innovation, a whole lot of things can be done with the voice. You can put the washing machine on/off, look inside the fridge or even play music by making a vocal request. The innovations for the Family Hub is far from done as Samsung is consistently working on the development/improvement of the Family Hub into an IoT center from which all other devices can be controlled.



The Samsung Connect app allows users to control their Samsung devices through the cloud. It is compatible with all devices and operating systems and with the help of Bixby, it can be controlled with the voice. The Samsung Connect app makes the usability of Samsung devices seamless. For instance, it can link with Samsung’s remote diagnosis service so that users can identify, solve and receive guidance to problems with the Samsung smart home appliances in real-time.


An Expanding External Ecosystem Based in the Cloud

Open Connectivity Foundation (OCF) is a body which ensures that member companies have devices that are compatible and can communicate effectively with one another. Samsung was the first in the industry to receive the OCF certification which now has over 390 companies. It got this certification for its smart TVs, Family Hub refrigerators and air conditioners and In the near future all of its home appliances will be OCF certified.

In order to expand the external ecosystem, Samsung is collaborating with various third parties to integrate voice support into smart home appliances including its refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners, robot vacuums, and Google Home support. From the inception of IoT, Samsung has been at the helm of affairs in the development of IoT ecosystem. Its aim is to expand services through collaborating with various smart home companies.



Check out this video to gain a glimpse of how Samsung is bringing IoT connectivity to more home appliances.

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