Samsung now offers reward points for using the Samsung Pay app in Malaysia

Adithya Kumar
Sep 22, 2017

Samsung Pay is a mobile payment service from Samsung Electronics. This payment Service can be made using NFC and MST and has been growing increasingly popular in the recent months. To boost their popularity in Malaysia Samsung has come up with a loyalty program.


Samsung Pay's Loyalty Program

Samsung Pay has included this loyalty program in one of their recent updates. However, to start earning these points all you have to do is activate Samsung Pay on your device upon which you will get 450 points. You can also earn up to 200 Samsung Rewards points by completing select actions in the Samsung Health application. These points can be used to redeem certain vouchers through the application.


Samsung Pay's rewards are not based on the money spent, which feels somewhat incidental. However, Samsung has added tiers, you will get better benefits as you rank up. Everyone starts at the Bronze tier and you can rank up to Silver and Gold.

The issue with this Loyalty Program is that the rewards are not based on the amount of money spent. The user will get only 10 points in the bronze tier regardless of the amount spent. It is recommended that the users can use the application to make small purchases while they are in the Bronze tier.

It is said that once you make 5 payments you will advance to Silver. The added bonus is that you will get 20 points per payment in the Silver tier. After 20 purchases you will reach the Gold tier where you will earn 40 points per purchase.

The accumulated points can be redeemed in the application itself and can be used to buy vouchers from dal.komm Coffee, Movie vouchers from GSC, Kenny Rogers Classic Choice Meal, Lazada and Samsung Malaysia.


It is recommended to the user to go through the terms and conditions by taping on the Question Mark (?) icon on the top right of the tier section of the Application.



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