Samsung has Opened a AI Lab in Canada

Efe Udin
Sep 27, 2017

We reported earlier that Samsung has commenced the development of chips for Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications on devices which should eliminate the need to store data in a cloud. The South Korean manufacturing giant has taken a step further by devoting its artificial intelligence (AI) lab in the University of Montreal for the development of core algorithms, voice and visual recognition, autonomous driving, and translation. This lab is operated by Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology (SAIT), a research arm of Samsung Electronics.

SAIT which opened the lab in Canada said that academic professionals in deep learning and AI such as professor Yoshua Bengio of the University of Montreal will be joined by SAIT researchers from Korea to develop core algorithms as well as other AI components.

The aim of SAIT is to try and advance AI technology with the plan that it may go commercial in the next five to ten years. In the past, this institute has succeeded in developing very useful technologies such as the cadmium-free quantum dot materials that Samsung has applied to its flagship TVs which allows it to deliver a better picture quality and improves the overall energy efficiency. If the research and production process is seamless, all Samsung's home appliances may sport AI features by 2020.

Montreal, Canada, seems to be an attractive site for AI labs because manufacturing and social bigwigs such as Apple, Microsoft and Facebook have also invested in artificial intelligence research labs at McGill and the University of Montreal.

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