Samsung partners with Kakao to expand AI ecosystem in South Korea, while improving Bixby services

Sep 18, 2017

Samsung took a bold move when they launched their flagship smartphones-Galaxy S8 and S8+ (and now the Note 8) as these smartphones come with a dedicated hardware key to trigger Samsung's own AI based voice assistant Bixby. Although there were a number of initial setbacks, Bixby is now getting on the right track with service live in 200 countries and Samsung have been continuously working to improve on what the smart assistant can do.


Samsung has a specific interest to improve Bixby for its home country- South Korea and as a part of that motive, the company recently came into terms with another South Korean internet giant Kakao who are widely popular for their messaging service Kakao Talk. The two South Korean companies will cooperate on their AI and voice recognition projects and as a result of that Bixby and Kakao I (which is Kakao's AI platform) will be getting into sync in an attempt to build, grow and expand South Korea's AI ecosystem.

Both the companies will be making gains out of the partnership as Samsung will be offering Kakao I based services with respect to content and lifestyle to Bixby users while Kakao will now be able to provide its services through Bixby's voice command. The partnership will not be limited to just AI services on Samsung smartphones as the two companies will be cooperating to expand to wearables and IoT services in the future.

With Samsung's vision to get all their products connected by 2020, such partnerships to improve their existing technologies will play a major role. Kakao's speech recognition service is already being implemented in Hyundai's automotive and will be bringing their expertise to Bixby very soon.

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