Samsung QLED TV compatibility with Steam Link announced at IFA 2017

Efe Udin
Sep 1, 2017

Steam Link compatibility with Samsung QLED TV is not new and this is probably why its official announcement at IFA 2017 in Berlin didn't cause a media frenzy. With Steam Link, game streaming can now be done directly on the Samsung QLED TV. A few weeks ago, there were some challenges in its usage while still in beta but Samsung has tackled all these hassles before it was officially announced today.

Steam Link functionality on Samsung QLED TV is as a result of the collaboration between Valve and Samsung. With Steam Link, a controller can be connected to a Samsung QLED TV to play PC games without a PC, console or set-top box. The experience from streaming via this Steam Link is simply amazing. Even while in beta, it was seamless.

A user quote:

“Playing Hollow Knight for about two hours without lag or control input issues is commendable for an app still in beta, said a user. You will be barely reminded that you are streaming.”

A few years ago, having a PC in the living room was the only practical way to make PC gaming on the couch a reality. Since all the setbacks associated with the beta Steam Link app have been addressed, we expect all Samsung QLED TV users to have a seamless experience with game streaming. With this, you will no longer need a PC in the living room for gaming as controllers can simply be attached directly to the TV for playing games.

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