Samsung’s Ultra-wide CHG90 QLED Monitor eliminates the need for dual monitors

Efe Udin
Sep 29, 2017

Samsung’s ultra-wide CHG90 QLED monitor measures 49 inches and it is currently the largest gaming monitor globally. This monitor's 32:9 super ultra-wide aspect ratio is designed for swift multitasking and it also amplifies gaming. It has a 3840 x 1080 display resolution and 144Hz refresh rate which delivers a smooth and captivating visual experience. The CHG90’s 1800R curvature and wide viewing angle gives users a more cinematic view and allows gamers to get a complete view of the gaming surroundings which dual monitors do not give.




The CHG90’s sports some of the latest innovations in imaging technology. It uses Quantum dot color which allows it to display almost a billion unique shades of accurate colours (approximately 125% of the sRGB standard) and also supports HDR which widens the brightness and darkness options. Irrespective of the viewing angle, colours are displayed accurately as a result of its wide VA (Vertical Alignment) which also adds intensity to blacks.




On this monitor, multitasking is made easy by using the Easy Setting Box screen-division software which enables the division of its screen into various windows of differing sizes with a single click. The CHG90 can function as different screens for separate devices with the aid of its Picture-by-Picture (PBP) function thus two different workspaces can be set up by connecting a monitor to both a DeX Station and a personal computer.




The design of this monitor is amazing and suits its immersive screen. It has a tiltable and adjustable-height stand which gives users a comprehensive control over the display bearings.  The CHG90 has a simple setup with one display cable and a power cord which means that the workspace will remain simple and free of multiple connections. For connectivity, this device has two HDMI inputs, a display port and a Mini DisplayPort thus other devices can be connected directly to the monitor. The screen is equipped with a low-reflection coating, Eye Saver mode and Flicker Free setting all of which protects the eyes from effects caused by long periods of staring at the screen.



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