Spotify App for Gear fit 2 finally released in Germany, possibly other countries?

Sep 19, 2017

The original Gear Fit2 has been around for a while and it now also has a successor in the Gear Fit2 Pro, which is currently rolling out to customers in the UK and the US. The Gear Fit2 was a decent fitness tracker wearable device with a beautiful curved Super Amoled display and a sleek design. The Tizen OS running on this wearable is capable enough to support a number of applications thus making it a decent entry level smartwatch as well.



Among the apps that the Gear Fit2 supports, Spotify is probably the most popular one in the list. The popular music streaming service have a close tie with Samsung's wearable platform. However, Spotify wasn't released for the Gear Fit2 in Germany (and other countries) until now. Finally, German Gear Fit2 users can rejoice as Spotify has made their Gear Fit2 app available in their country.

With the Spotify App for the Gear Fit2, users can control their Spotify stream directly on their wearable instead of having to open up their smartphone every time. Additionally, the app also lets users to locally sync their Spotify tracks / playlists into the Gear Fit2 and can be played back directly on the Gear Fit2. The Spotify for Gear Fit2 app is just 1.6MB and can be downloaded right away from the Galaxy Apps store.

The Gear Fit2 is still a decent wearable device and with a successor out there, expect the price of it to fall down soon making it a deal hard to resist, we will update you if we stumble upon such deals.

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