Top 5 motorbike racing games in the Tizen Store

Efe Udin
Sep 11, 2017

The Tizen Store is only a couple of years old, however, thousands of apps are currently available for its users. The statistics of the most downloaded apps in the Tizen Store shows that gaming apps are by far the most sort after. The simple truth is that a vast majority of smartphone users loves games. You may not need it regularly but there will come that boring moment when your only companion is the game on your smartphone. Racing games are quite intriguing and the quest for top position (the competition) makes them more interesting. In this article, I have compiled the top 5  motorbike racing games in the Tizen Store. Please note that these games are compatible with all Samsung Tizen smartphones (Samsung Z1, Z2, Z3, Z4).


Our choice for top 5 high graphics motorbike racing games

Sunset Bike Racer

There’s no doubt that Motocross is one of the best quality motorbike racing game in Tizen Store. It has eye dropping high graphics and one of the best standard visual effects. There are numerous qualities of this game that make it one of the best games in the Tizen Store. It is a fast-paced game with smooth physics simulation. You will be amazed by the responsiveness of the controls. In the quest for glory, you promote to new levels and get awesome bikes for free. Sunset bike racer has numerous stunts and features which allow you to accelerate your bike to ridiculous speeds with the nitro booster. The nitro can be refilled by performing stunts like front flips, backflips, wheelies. Interestingly, Sunset Bike Racer does NOT require any internet connection. Play it anywhere, anytime! You can race your ghosts in the subway, on the plane, in the car, on the road or even on the toilet! Don't miss a chance to improve your bike handling skill.



Bike Traffic Rider

Bike traffic rider makes the list for its excellent graphics and simple bike design. In this game, you play from behind the wheel of a motorbike racing through endless highway traffic. As is common with most racing games, you need to tilt your phone to ride across lanes and avoid crashing. When you drive fast past others, you earn credits which can be used to unlock faster bikes. How long can you drive before crashing? Download and play this game to find out. Remember that you will need to tap revs to speed up and brake to slow down. The graphics of this game gave it a slot on this list. The virtual effect is one of the eye-catching qualities of this game and that gave it a slot on this list.



 City Motor Racer

Do you know what it's like to drive a high-speed motorbike in a city like New York or Delhi? This is the experience that this game projects. City moto racer is a game where you drive your motorbike in city highway, tunnels, snow, and bridges. You have to race and rush your fast motorcycle in the big city as the city driver not forgetting the strong traffic as expected in all major cities of the world. In this motorcycle racing game, you will encounter many awesome features and lots of challenging game missions. Become the best of the absolute best and be the motorbike king in this stunning furious city moto bike racer simulator. To become the best biker you have to practice your biker skills a lot. This game requires great skills to progress and that is a quality of a good game.


Extreme Bike Motocross

Just as the name implies, this game is honestly extreme. If you get disturbed by aggressive falls and great heights, then this game is probably not for you. However, if you are you tired of childish hill climbing games then the extreme bike motocross challenge, which requires skill and control to conquer the steepest hills and valleys is just what you need. There is not one boring moment with extreme bike motocross because you are always trying to overturn your bike and conquer one obstacle or another. You got 9 levels of increasing difficulty after which you can become a motocross champ. To be sincere, this is probably the toughest climbing game you’ve played. This game was chosen for its rugged and extreme nature.



Highway Racing

This is a game that projects a dangerous real-life situation, however, on your device, it is a carefully designed and crafted racing game. If you love to race and speed is in your blood this game is for you. Highway racing is very easy to control but at high speed, your skill comes to your rescue. You cruise along straight highways at great speed and avoid hitting obstacles or other vehicles. If you zip past other vehicles you score more. This game is not just about speeding because there are cops along the way that you have to be weary of.


These apps are between 15MB and 40MB in size thus they are not that heavy and should be downloaded seamlessly. If you encounter any problem downloading or using these apps, please send a feedback to the developers or leave a comment on our comment section below.

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