Top 5 Racing games for Tizen smartphones, Get your adrenaline rush kicking in !!!

Sep 8, 2017

Racing games have evolved quite a lot over the years with more detailed graphics, real physics, etc thanks to the advancements in computing and graphical rendering power. On the desktop and console platforms with new technologies such as Virtual Reality coming into play, Racing games are reaching such a level that anyone could get a first hand experience of what real life racing drivers without having the risk of putting your life at stake. However, on the smartphone platform one cannot expect such level of life-like racing games yet due to physical limitations of the hardware in them, but the racing games that are currently on the platform are nothing short of impressive at all.

Today, we will take a look at the Top 5 Racing Games on the Tizen store that you can play right away-

Top 5 Racing games for Tizen smartphones

1. Freeway Racing I

If you like to go completely road-rage creating total havoc and what not, then the Freeway Racing 1 is the perfect racing game for you. You get to pick your car and then customize it by earning rewards. The way you do that is to not get caught by the cops trailing you and reaching check points in time. Do keep your eyes wide open for all the vehicles in your way and even oil spills, pick up boosters that can help you cause total destruction on the vehicles in front of you to clear your path.

Overall, this is a decent third person time based racing game with average graphics at the best which set you back 22.41 MB.



2. Highway Traffic Racer

Who doesn't hate driving in track? It is one of those things that easily gets on everybody's nerve and makes want to do Dominic Toretto kind of stuffs to get past all the vehicles ahead of us. But the risk of putting our lives at toll to save some minutes from the traffic is never worth it. So, here's a game that you play to show your aggressive side of driving. Dodge all the traffic ahead of you as much as you want with the Highway Traffic Racer.

The developers have put some decent effort into the overall graphics resulting in clearly defined visuals, good physics, and a well detailed car. The game has a download size of just 30.78 MB.


3. Police Car Chase 2017

Enough of going road rage and getting chased by cops. If you fancy putting some discipline back on the road, then the Police Car Chase 2017 is the right game for you. This game lets you chase down rogue drivers creating menace and smash their cars. While you are at it be aware of civilian cars and your fellow police cars so that you don't smash into them. The game download size is just 33.72 MB.



4. Asphalt 8: Airborne

Who doesn't know this iconic game developed by Gameloft. Asphalt 8 has been around for a couple of years now and has set itself a benchmark in mobile gaming similar to how Crysis is seen in PC gaming. The game features some of the fastest cars that exist in the real world along with tracks laid down in some of the most beautiful cities around the world. To top it off the the cars can do some impressive gravity defying tricks while in the air and while on ground you can burn as much rubber as you want showing off your drifting skills.

But all that comes at a cost, thankfully not in terms of money but in terms of the data required to download the game. Once you download the 11.97 MB game from the store, you will be asked to download additional data of nearly 800 MB to start racing.



5. Asphalt Nitro

If you can't afford to have nearly a 1GB large game such as the Asphalt 8 on your Tizen smartphone (which makes sense because the internal storage of the Z2, Z3 and Z4 is just 8G with only 5GB of it left for the users), but if you still want to have the same high flying experience of Asphalt 8 with rich visuals and some of the fastest supercars, then the Asphalt Nitro is just the game for you.

The game is of only 32.65 MB which means there certainly will be compromises when compared to Asphalt 8 such as more maps, large multiplayer events, etc.


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