TV Channels App Review (Free TV Asia)

Efe Udin
Sep 7, 2017

Yesterday, a brand new app was released in the Tizen Store and is unlike most of the apps we have seen in recent times, this is a TV app called "TV Channels". Unlike some apps, "TV Channels" is more like a programme guide which allows you to easily see whats showing on your favorite channel.


Downloading the app was seamless as it is only 1.02MB in size. Navigating through the app is one touch and it takes less than 4 seconds to provide a TV schedule if you have a good network connection.

This app is a fully equipped TV guide which targets India, Bangladesh, and Nepal audiences. This doesn't mean that it is useless to people outside the listed zone of interest as it contains global cable networks such as cartoon network, MTV, National Geographic Channel, CNN News 18, etc. It currently contains 142 channels and you can set your favorite channels list with the automatic offline mode.

The home page of this app gives a list of all the available channels in alphabetical order. When you click on any TV channel, it gives you the 24-hour scheduled programmes for that TV channel. Interestingly, it provides a 7-day programme schedule for any given TV channel. This means that this app can help you determine what a TV channel will be showing over next 6 days at any given time (note that some TV channels release their program schedule on a daily basis thus the app may not provide what they will be on air in coming days).  On each TV programme, the following information is given

  • Date and time of the programme
  • Type of programme (Animation/cartoon, News, TV series, Drama etc)
  • Release date of programme
  • Actors
  • Short description: This succinctly describes the programme

While most of the listed TV channels have their programme schedule over the next 7 days, some of the TV channels have their schedule over a day or two while a few TV channels doesn't even have a programme schedule at all, it just says "No shows for this channel". Movie lovers will definitely like this app because 98% of its movie channel has its complete programme schedule. Please note that you must have an active internet connection for you to use this app. On the Tizen Store, this app is highly rated with most reviews coming with a phrase that implies that this app is rock solid for movies.

Like some TV Channel apps, I had the expectation that when I surf through this app, I will actually be able to view the shows on my favorite Channel (Discovery Channel). However, I tried everything I could, and it turned out that I can only view the programme schedule to go on air at any time but cannot actually view the programmes on the app.

Key features:
1. Contains 142 TV channels.
2. Categories: all channels, favorites, most visited.
3. Time reminders/alerts for selected auditions.
4. Cashing last channels for current day to use it in offline mode.
5. Intuitive and simple app navigation.

This application is free and without any online advertisement in it. It should be noted that this app contains channels that is meant for all ages thus you can leave your teenage child with this app without fear of what content he/she would see. You can simply search for "TV Channels" in the Tizen Store or search for it in the entertainment category.

TV Channels (version 1.0.0) is presently available on the Tizen Store for download on all of Samsung’s Tizen-powered smartphones for FREE. It was developed by Mobimax Andrzej Bugajny and as stated earlier, it has a size of just 1.02MB. Thus, this app is not heavy and will likely not cause any form of lagging or downloading difficulties. Check it out and tell us what you think about this app in the comment section below.

N/B If you experience any lagging in downloading this app, just restart your device and try again. It will download seamlessly.

The Tizen Platform was launched six years ago and since then it has been steadily growing. In recent times, we have seen the addition of quite a few new apps to the Tizen Store. The growth of this platform is highly motivated by incentive programs like the Tizen Mobile App Incentive Program, which ends next month, and the Indonesia Next Apps (INA) 4.0. Many Tizen developers have benefitted immensely from these programs.

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