Video - How to get started on your Gear Fit2 / Fit2 Pro fitness tracker

Efe Udin
Sep 19, 2017

Don’t let your fitness tracker weigh you down. Track your activities effortlessly on the Gear Fit2 and the newly released Fit2 Pro. It is quite easy to use and here also is a video guide that applies to both of these models.

After unboxing your device, you will find two buttons on the right side of the fitness tracker, the home button, and the back button. Click on the smaller button to put on the Gear Fit2 / Fit2 Pro. Then go to "gear manager" on your Samsung smartphone to pair the Gear Fit2 with your smartphone. Click on “connect to Gear” on your smartphone screen and once the pairing starts, the phrase “connecting to Gear” will appear on your smartphone screen while your Gear Fit2 / Fit2 Pro screen will display “connecting”.

After pairing, you are now set to use your device and you may choose any of the straps (large or small) that best suit the activity you are embarking on. From the home screen display, scroll to the right for instant notifications like text messages and calls. If you scroll to the left from the home screen display, you will find the “fitness widget” where all fitness trackers can be found.  If you are interested in running, scroll to the left from the home screen display until you find “start running”, where you will see different activity types, choose what you want and proceed. After running, the Gear Fit2/Fit2 Pro gives the time you spent running, your maximum speed, and much more.


You can also use this device for the “step challenge”. It gives you a certain number of steps to cover within a particular time and at the end, you will be told if you won or lost. The Gear Fit2 / Fit2 Pro can be used for advanced fitness tracking, auto activity tracking (walking, running, cycling, elliptical trainer, rowing machine etc) and heart rate monitoring. In all these activities, you can remotely connect to your music player and get a good tune as you proceed.


Finally, you can get accurate tracking of locations with its standalone GPS and it is compatible with S health app. This device comes with a magnetic charging dock thus you do not need cables or USB cords to charge, simply place the device on the charging dock and charging commences.

Gear Fit2 / Fit2 Pro works with you every Kilometer, every heartbeat, and every step of the way. The Super AMOLED display is conveniently large enough so you can quickly check your stats mid-workout, without ever missing a beat.



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