VR mental health diagnosis tools for hospitals to be developed by ​Samsung Electronics

Efe Udin
Sep 7, 2017

Samsung is a global name with regards to the development of electronics. It manufactures a wide range of electronic devices ranging from entertainment machines to health devices. Recently, the company went into partnership with Gangnam Severance Hospital and VR content maker FNI for the development of mental health diagnosis programs that use mobile virtual reality (VR). Samsung has the aim of commercializing this product within a year (anytime in 2018) and its sale will progress from hospitals, dementia centres, and schools before entering our homes.Applied-VR-Samsung-Gear-VR-1

The focus of this program is to access cognitive behaviour therapies for suicide prevention and psychological assessment. Gangnam Severance Hospital medical data in combination with Samsung's Gear VR headset and FNI's VR contents development technology will be used to develop the programs. Physical products such as chairs, diagnosis kits will be made while a psychological assessments application using artificial intelligence (AI) will be developed by these companies. In addition, Samsung Gear VR headset, the Gear S3 smartwatch, the S Health app, and the AI-based virtual assistant Bixby will also be used for the development.

VR is becoming more popular in healthcare. Before Samsung's attempt to use VR in healthcare, Build VR has rolled out its Solis VR unit for Australian care homes. Also, Australian health insurer, Medibank launched an immersive VR experience for Australian hospitals on Google Daydream View. These devices give patients in hospitals a virtual experience in an attempt to avoid loneliness and isolation especially for patients who have a long stay with restricted movements.

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