Will Samsung unleash a Windows mixed reality headset?

Efe Udin
Sep 28, 2017

Samsung Electronics is known to be a major player in the world of technology and it usually directly or indirectly involved with most technological advancements. With the rumor that Microsoft will soon unveil a Windows Mixed Reality headset, there have been whisperings that the South Korean giant is working on its own version.




Recently, images of Samsung’s Windows Mixed Reality headset surfaced online via a twitter handle, @h0x0d (WalkingCat) and from the images, this headset probably includes a six-degree-of-freedom tracking which is usually associated with Microsoft’s headsets. Although the authenticity of this leaked images is unverified, however, this piece of information cannot be thrown under the bus.Samsung-reportedly-working-Windows-Mixed-Reality-headset-2

A special Mixed Reality event will be hosted by Microsoft on October 3 in San Francisco and it is probable that this headset could feature in the event. The images are not adequate to make any meaningful speculation about this device, however, the images reveal built-in headphones from AKG. Samsung-reportedly-working-Windows-Mixed-Reality-headset-3

From October 17, Microsoft will launch its Mixed Reality headsets and the first set of devices will be from Acer, HP, and Dell which would be priced at $299, $450 (with motion controllers) and $349 respectively. Lenovo is also due to launch a Mixed Reality headset but we won't be seeing any Mixed Reality headset from Asus till next year even though its polygon design is already public.

When, where and how Samsung will unveil its Mixed Reality headset is not known for now but it is definitely a device to watch out for.

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