AirPlay your iPhone or iPad or screen directly to Samsung Smart TV

Oct 12, 2017

AirBeamTV had last year released “Mirror for Samsung TV” app for Mac that allowed users to directly mirror their Mac screen on a Samsung Smart TV without needing any Apple TV. Such was the success of the app that they have now released the same app for iPhone and iPad users as well.

Just as the case with Mac, Mirror for Samsung TV app for iPhone and iPad also allows users to mirror the screen and audio of their iPhone or iPad to any Samsung Smart TV. No wires or additional hardware or are required. Mirror for Samsung TV is compatible with the iPhones and iPads that run iOS 11. That means iPhone 6s or later and any latest iPad which runs iOS 11 is only compatible with the app.

“Mirror for Samsung TV runs only on newer iPhones (from iPhone 6S onwards), any iPad Pro and recent iPads (from the 5th generation onwards) which run iOS 11,” explains Demid Borodin, co-founder and Director of Video Technology.


Even the moon has a dark side, and this app has its downsides as well. There is a lag of one to three seconds between the video displayed on the iOS device and the Samsung Smart TV. This makes gaming on the big screen almost impossible. On top of that, mirroring of DRM-enabled applications is also not possible. Also mirroring of content from Safari becomes a little restricted as the browser doesn’t send audio over the app to the TV, so showing normal webpages will work fine.

Setting up of the app is pretty much straightforward, just like Apple’s native AirPlay Mirroring implementation for Apple TVs. Here are the instructions to set-up the app:

1. Go to Settings > Control Centre
2. Select Access within apps and go to Customise Controls
3. Add Screen Recording

So Mirror for Samsung TV comes with limitations, there’s no doubt on that. But if you’re still interested, its available on the App Store for $4.99.

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