How to Connect to your Gear Fit2 Pro to Exercise, Spotify, Heart Rate Monitor and More

Adithya Kumar
Oct 26, 2017

Samsung is one of the top wearable manufacturers in the market. They released the Gear Fit2 Pro and the Gear Sport during IFA 2017. Both the smartwatches are fitness oriented smartwatches.

Here are some tips on how to make the best of your Gear Fit2 Pro:-


Pair your phone with your Gear Fit2 Pro

  1. To connect your watch to a smartphone, install the Samsung Gear app on the smartphone and turn on your watch.
  2. Tap Connect to gear.
  3. When the Bluetooth pairing request window is displayed, confirm the passkeys displayed on your watch and smartphone, and then tap the checkmark.
  4. Follow the prompts to complete the connection.
  5. When the devices are connected, a tutorial is displayed on the Gear’s screen. Follow the prompts to learn the Gear’s basic controls.


The Exercise Application

This feature of the watch allows you to track your exercise. To access this feature, all you have to do is go to the exercise tab which can be accessed by swiping to the left. In the tab, you have to select the type of exercise you want, select Start and do your stuff. If you go back, you can see the summary of your workout.

If your device has been synced with a compatible Samsung Phone with S Health, You will also get an in-depth analysis of your exercise habits.


Heart Rate Monitor

The Gear Fit2 Pro can track your heart beat at the touch of a button. However, the accuracy of the heart rate sensor may be diminished depending on skin condition. It is recommended that the measurement be taken when your relaxed and seated.

To measure your Heart Rate, Press home. Swipe up and touch Heart Rate and Measure. However, to measure your Heart Rate automatically, touch AutoHR. This enables the watch to measure your Heart Rate periodically during your workouts.


Spotify Support

The Gear Fit2 Pro comes with an inbuilt storage of 4GB. The watch also comes with Spotify support. You can also use Spotify as a standalone music player, to play music over Wi-Fi. You can download Spotify on to your Fit2 Pro from the Samsung gear app. Once downloaded you will need to turn on wi-fi on your Gear Fit2 Pro and connect to the relevant WiFi Network and play your Music.

This also comes with the Spotify Offline support. You can download your music and listen to it through the watch itself. You can also control your Spotify music on your phone, through Spotify on your watch.


Pair your Bluetooth Headset

If you own a Bluetooth Audio device, you can now use them with your Gear Fit2 Pro. Press Home > Tap Settings > Connections > Bluetooth. You have to set your BT Headset to visible. Select the BT Headset on your watch. Once Paired you can use it to enjoy your Music.


Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro

The Gear Fit2 Pro is one of the best fitness smartwatch available. The watch comes with a 5ATM certification, this means that the device is swimproof. It also has the capability to track your swims. The device is equipped with a 1 GHz Processor, coupled with a 512 Mb RAM and a 200 mAH battery. Priced at $199 USD, The Gear Fit2 Pro is one of the best Fitness Watches on the market.

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