Developer - Tizen SCM Tools Release - 17.02

Oct 9, 2017

The Tizen Tools Team is proud to announce yet another SCM Tools release, bringing it to version 17.02. These current changes are based around bug fixes, feature and enhancement improvements on gbs and MIC Image creator. Check out the change log below to see whats new:


gbs updated to version 0.24.9

  • Fix build error with --baselibs option that rpm files which has to be created by --baselibs option are not created.
  • Adapt to forkmanager module for export sources to avoid full build export stuck problem
  • Fix error when using fail_fast(which not consider gbs has error status)
  • Update dependencies: depanneur >= 0.15.8


MIC Image Creator updated to version 0.27.7

New Features & Enhancements

  • Timezone setting change
  • Run certain script before creation of tar.gz image
  • Locally built mic-bootstrap using gbs cannot be used in mic
  • Add new option of tpk_install
  • Amend mic cr option of run_script
  • Add new option of --run_script
  • Modify the order of generating image by cpio

Bug Fixes

  • fix the bug that modify the order of generating image by cpio


Tizen SCM Tools packages are released.

You can find the direct downloads for the Tizen SCM Tools form the links below

Latest release - 


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