Fight for your kingdom - Chaos Hunter Action RPG Tizen game

Oct 16, 2017

There was a time when the Tizen Store only had a few good quality graphic intense games. But increasing user base of Tizen smart phones coupled with Samsung’s Tizen mobile app incentive program has really attracted a lot of developers and you can feel the difference. A lot of good quality games can be seen added to Tizen Store every week. One such good game added to this week is Chaos Hunter Action RPG. Developed by HGames-ArtWorks s.r.o., this game is one of the very few ancient war themed games in the Tizen Store.

Your kingdom faces a new threat as the army of ancient evil has come back from their lost chaos. The Lord of darkness has taken over the throne and your kingdom is in the verge of destruction. Only you can stop that from happening. So unleash your powers, push the legion of invaders to exile, reclaim the throne and restore peace and order in your kingdom.

The game has 25 well designed adventurous levels where you’ll engage in intense battles against 25 different types of enemies. You’ve three different weapons, Melee Axe, Sword or Mace to choose from. Collect coins, gems, crystals and various other items on your way to victory. You can use these items to buy health potions and enchanted magic potions from merchant sorcerer to refill your health and hit points. Upgrade, craft, enhance and customize your weapons and gears. Hack your way through each level, killing hundreds of monster enemies. Find the keys, move up to the next level and gain magic powers and battle skills. At the end of each level, you fight the boss. Defeat him, gain powers and move towards the ultimate glory, freedom of your kingdom.

Overall it is a very well designed game with high quality 3D graphics and sound effects. The storyline of the game is also quite unique which makes this game even better. The in-game controls are very detailed and easy to use. This game has a unique feature called Bloom which lets you control the blooming effects, brightness and contrast, on the graphics.

So if you are a fan of Role-Playing games (RPG), this game is one of the best you can have in your Tizen smart phone. It has a size of 65.02 MB and is available to download for FREE.

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