Gear Manager gets a little Gear S Plugin update, now on version

Oct 23, 2017

In case you didn't know, the Samsung Gear Manager app is the bit of software that you install on your mobile in order for it to connect to your Gear smartwatch. Today, we've had some developments regarding this app. Has your Gear Manager received an update today? Mine in the UK hasn't at the moment, but it has been reported that Gear Manager version 2.2.17082261 has had an update to the Gear S Plugin, taking it to version

The last time this app got a similar update was last month. One thing to note with updates to the the S Plugin is that we do not actually get a change log, so we can't tell you what improvements or bug-fixes we are being lavished with.



The particular combination is the Samsung Note 8 with the Gear S3. If you have received this update, or any other, please let us know in the comments below.


Manually update Gear Manager

If you do not get a notification to update your Gear software then you can manually update as below:-

  1. Launch Gear Manager App
  2. Select Settings tab
  3. Select About Samsung Gear App
  4. You should able to see the update listed, presuming its available for your country


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