Harman announces Hack table event for JBL headphones at SDC 17 along with a Tizen Q&A session

Oct 10, 2017

The Samsung Developers Conference is just a week away from taking place at San Francisco and Samsung are still revealing some interesting things thats going to happen at the two day event. This time the announcement was from Harman International. If you remember, Samsung acquired Harman International last year and thus gaining some control over its subsidiary brands such as the popular electronics audio brand JBL. Harman announced that they will have special Hack Table at SDC 2017 where the company will be showcasing the capabilities of its flagship headphones the JBL Everest Elite 750.




These headphones have an open SDK for developers to tinker it with and hence Harman will be give an intro to the developers in attendance at SDC 17 of what all can be done using their SDK. if you won't be making it to SDC this year, then you can explore the SDK yourself by downloading it from here. The SDK lets users to customize the following aspects of the said JBL headphones-

  • 9-Axis IMU
  • Button Mod
  • Advanced EQ Controls
  • NXTGen Active Noise Cancelling Technology


harman-9-Axis IMU


But, that's not all that Harman has in store for SDC 17. The company will also be sharing its expertise on how it manages to deliver OTA updates to over 2 billion devices spread across different categories such as smart vehicles, connected devices, etc.


Harman and Tizen

Harman also has been an active contributor to the Tizen platform with Samsung's Tizen devices such as Tizen smartphones and wearables. The company has worked on Tizen smartphones applications, OTA update solutions and has also managed the Tizen developer support program. So if you are at SDC next week, then Harman will be answering all your queries related to Tizen development and all you need to do is ask.

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