ISP RAS and Samsung open the Internet of Things Academy

Oct 13, 2017

Samsung, with the support of the Institute for System Programming of the Russian Academy of Sciences, has reached an agreement with Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT) to set up an Internet of Things Academy in the institute. The said academy will provide the students of MIPT an ample opportunity to learn more about Internet technology of Things, one of the most trending field of Information Technology.

MFTI-Samsung-IoTThe main basis of setting up this academy, as Samsung says, is to provide practical knowledge about the technologies of the Internet of Things (IoT) to the students of MIPT. The students will undergo a one-year training course, the study material of which has been developed by the experts of the Samsung Research Center. Along with the theoretical course, the students will also be provided with practical cases of Internet technologies of things in various industries. Samsung has given special training to the selected professors of Moscow Physico-Technical Institute, who will be teaching the IoT technologies to the students.

As part of the project, Samsung will be equip the academy with high-tech devices, laboratory equipment, and teaching/learning aids that include Samsung Artik microcomputers, sensors and wireless modules to help the students of MIPT develop their own IoT prototypes. At the end of the one-year training course, Samsung will hold a competition of student's projects.

In June 2017, Samsung announced the launch of a similar project at the Moscow Technological University (MIREA). In the future, the company plans to expand the program in more parts of Russia and hold a national competition on IoT projects, drawing participants from all across Russia.

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