Learn to develop better apps for the Gear Sport with this webinar

Oct 3, 2017

In order to stay ahead of the rest in the wearable segment, Samsung released a total of three new wearable devices recently at IFA Berlin- Gear fit2 ProGear Sport and the Gear Icon X(2018). Out of the three, the Gear Sport has a lot of importance since it runs on the latest Tizen 3.0 platform and is the first wearable device to do so. Hence, Samsung's Developer team have been hosting a lot of events recently to help indie developers and others who are interested in developing for the Gear Sport.




Samsung had an introductory Webinar on the Gear Sport a couple of weeks back to clear all user related queries and also to provide a walkthrough of all the Gear Sport features. After that was done, Samsung followed it up with another Webinar recently called 'The Developer Guide to the New Samsung Gear Sport'. Although it was not a complete coding based webinar which most would have been interested (maybe for a future Webinar?), the Webinar was more about the guidelines to follow to make the best kind of apps possible using optimum resources.

Eunjoo Kim, Principal UX Designer at Samsung Electronics gave an introduction to the design principles that developers could take note of while developing their Gear Sport as a good looking app will always appeal to the users. The Webinar then had a brief session on 'Gear UX Overview' conducted by Kavitha Gopalan from Samsung Developer Program who explained the ways in users could interact with various options on the Gear Sport and how developers could have a good UX on their apps by using some of the APIs from Samsung's repositories.

You can watch the complete Webinar below to get a more detailed insight about the Gear Sport and the Tizen OS it runs on-



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