Leave some of your domestic cleaning to Star Wars POWERbot vacuums

Efe Udin
Oct 11, 2017

The 21st century is a time where we are so busy that we wish that our houses can just automatically clean themselves. Well, with technological advancements, we now have vacuum cleaners which can do lots of our cleaning for us and Samsung just released a high-quality vacuum cleaner called "Star Wars POWERbot™". Pre-orders for this product commence on the 10th of October.

This vacuum cleaner comes in a pair, it has the Darth Vader and Stormtrooper model both of which features a 10 watts suction power capacity and a 290mm-wide brush which is larger than the traditional 204mm brushes. Star Wars is equipped with sensors which have the capacity to scan the room and determine the path to take while cleaning. It is further armed with CycloneForce technology which ensures that dust particles are circulated through an inner chamber while dirt and debris are carried to an outer chamber. With this, the filter lasts longer and does not jam.


Samsung-Star-Wars robot-vacuums-talk-and-play-music-while-cleaning-your-floors


Other Features

  • Edge cleaning capabilities
  • A slim design
  • Ability to tackle most obstacles that stand in the way

Darth is compatible with a remote control, Amazon Alexa and a smartphone app thus you can you can use a voice command for this product and you can also control it from your smartphone. Also, the Star Wars POWERbot™ vacuums come with preloaded voice prompts. For example, when Darth Vader enters turbo mode, it says, "You are powerful,"  but when it returns to the charger it plays the Imperial March.



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