Live your pirate dreams on your Tizen smartphone with Tempest: Pirate Action RPG

Oct 2, 2017

Quality and graphics intensive games were once a rarity on the Tizen store as developers didn't find the low number of users and devices a sign for making business back in the day. But now, Samsung has successfully managed to hit the million mark (about 3 million to be precise, possibly a lot more) of Tizen smartphone users and has a total of four Tizen series phones- Z1, Z2, Z3 and Z4. That has influenced a lot of developers to explore opportunities on the Tizen platform and hence good quality apps and games on the Tizen store are at a healthy count. Tempest: Pirate Action RPG is one such game that has made its way on to the Tizen store after its success on the Android platform and the best part is that it is FREE to download.




For the most part of the game, you are in the sea sailing your ship to various destinations that the game takes you to. The game begins in a head-on warfare against an enemy battleship, the developers have made sure to walk you through all the controls within the game's story to get your first battle victory but then a giant sea monster eats up your ship but you somehow survive. And that's where the game's story begins, you're on the course take revenge on the sea monster for destroying your ship.




There's a lot of travelling involved as we mentioned earlier and you get to meet a lot of interesting characters throughout your course who give you tasks to keep you engaged with the game. While you're on the seas, there will be a number of times when an enemy ship will pass by which you can have fun destroying.




Overall, this is a decent game to download for someone who has a lot of time in their hand for mobile gaming. For the casual gamers, you can just admire the decent graphics of the game and hope more such games come to the Tizen store in the future.

The game is of 76.13MB.

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