Make your device’s home screen transparent with this unique launcher app

Oct 13, 2017

Have you ever mistakenly placed your phone onto something that you shouldn’t have? Well, then there’s an app in Tizen Store made just for you, so that it won’t happen again. Yes, Transparent Screen is a utility app developed by Somyac Slawomir Baranowski, which lets you see everything on your phone.




Transparent Screen is a launcher app having a transparent background. The app uses your device’s rear camera to make your wallpaper transparent, so you can see everything’s happening behind your phone. The home screen of the app displays the current time at the top, with day and date placed just below it. It also provides you with a search bar which you can use to search anything on Google directly from your home screen. Camera, Gallery, Calendar, Internet, E-mail, Messages and Contacts are the seven app shortcuts available on the home screen. There’s also a menu button which takes you to the app menu where every single app installed in your device are listed separately.




Transparent Screen also has in-app settings which let you set your clock type and time format. You can also control the vibration and sound settings of the app. The app currently does not support arranging of apps or selecting your own app shortcuts for your home screen. But we can always expect these features in upcoming versions of the app.




Since it uses your rear camera continuously, the battery power consumption rate may increase slightly, depending on your screen-on time. But if the battery is not something you worry about with your phone, you can always go for this launcher app. Transparent Screen is available for download in India and other countries on an entire range of the Tizen Smartphones running on Tizen version 2.3 or above. The current size of the app is 2.23 MB and it is available absolutely free! So head away to Tizen Store and download this unique app now!

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