Merio Subway Runner now available in the Tizen Store

Efe Udin
Oct 27, 2017

With the rate at which apps and games are being included in the Tizen Store, I now have much more fun with my Samsung Z4. Merio Subway Runner has just been added to the host of apps/games in the Store. When I saw this game, it took me back to the late 90's/early 00's when we had the popular Terminator 2 console. There was a game there called "Super Mario" which was also available in Sega and Nintendo consoles, this game was the pride of every child at the time. Merio Subway Runner is the modern version of Super Mario. The animation, soundtrack, and obstacles are cool. Though this is an adventure game which normally gets you jumpy, it has a friendly presentation and appearance which makes it the perfect game for your kids.


Merio Subway Runner


Merio Subway Runner is all about running on a land filled with obstacles (pits, thorns, hills, steep slopes etc) in order to rescue the very beautiful princess. In this game, Merio runs with passion in anticipation of getting the princess.  You have some wonderful tricks that you can perform as you run. Rush all the worlds and stomp the enemies to kill them, collect the coin and careful with the spikes and saws, but use the springboards to jump higher.

Run as fast as possible and help Merio to reach the best scores.  The distance you have covered will display at the top center screen while the coins collected is at the top left part of the screen. Your best score and game score will be displayed after the end of each stage or when you fail.


  • Tap on the screen to jump
  • Double click the screen for a higher jump
  • Hold the screen to float in the air



  • Wonderful graphics
  • Friendly display and soundtrack
  • Easy and swift controls

Back in the day, it took me almost 6 months to get to the princess in my Terminator 2 console, well there is only one way to find out how long it will take me to get to the princess on my Samsung Z4.


This game is only 6MB in size thus it is not heavy and should be downloaded seamlessly. If you encounter any problem downloading or installing this game, please send a feedback to the developers or leave a comment on our comment section below.This game is available for all Tizen smartphones (Samsung Z1Z2Z3, and Z4).

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