Multi Language Voice Calculator added to the Tizen Store

Oct 11, 2017

Calculator is one of the basic apps that every phone has, be it a feature phone or Smartphone, and Tizen phones are no exception to it. There are plenty of Calculator apps in the Tizen Store but how about a voice calculator? Yes, you heard it right! A calculator that gives results in audio as well as text format. First of its kind, a voice calculator has been added to Tizen Store today by a developer named befaster befaster, which reads out every digit and arithmetic signs you tap and also reads out the final result of the calculation.



What makes the calculator even more intriguing is that it is a multi-lingual app. Yes, it supports eight different languages namely Arabic (عربي), English, Indonesian (Bahasa Indonesia), Bengali (বাঙালি), Hindi (हिंदी), Chinese (中文), Korean (한국어) and (Russian (русский). The app can read all the digits and the arithmetic signs seamlessly in all the eight languages. There is also an option to turn the voice read-out off, in case you need some peaceful environment around you.



With Samsung making all the efforts to bring best of the apps to Tizen Store, this should be another welcome app that most of the users might find interesting. So head away to Tizen Store and download “Multi-Language Voice Calculator” now.

The app is available for download in India and some other countries on all the four Tizen Smartphones, Samsung Z1, Samsung Z2, Samsung Z3 and Samsung Z4, running on Tizen version 2.4 or above. It’s a free app with a size 15.21 MB. Since it’s the first version, so we can always expect more features in the upcoming versions of the app. The app currently can perform basic arithmetic calculations like addition, subtraction, multiplication and division and requires no internet connection.


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