Navori announces support for Samsung’s fourth-generation Smart Signage Platform powered by Tizen OS.

Oct 16, 2017

Swiss Digital Signage Software Company Navori has announced the release of QL Player software for Samsung SSSP 4 – Tizen powered display. Headquartered in Lausanne, Navori is renowned global provider of on-premise cloud-based digital signage software.




Samsung has recently released its 4th generation system-on-chip (SoC) hardware running Tizen OS. All of the Samsung’s professional displays are available with an embedded SoC player or Samsung’s SBB-SS08FL1, both powered by Tizen 2.4 operating system. The integration of Navori’s QL Player for Tizen will bring high-performance content playback to all Samsung SoC display customers.

Navori QL Player 2.0.7 for Tizen is fully inter-operable and will have 99% of the features currently available on Android and Windows versions. All of the QL Player versions will work together, delivering the same set of features and performance. This might be useful for peoples looking to upgrade their existing display networks made up of different hardware components and display technologies. The product can also be integrated with other hardware players to deliver a fully hybrid ecosystem, managed through a unique CMS.



Advantages of QL Player for Tizen

  • QL Player for Tizen can be installed and activated in minutes.
  • It is compatible with Navori’s QL Content Manager, bringing ease of use and sophisticated content management to Tizen platform.
  • The QL Content Manager is a HTML5 based user dashboard and is very simple to use.
  • Navori’s QL Player delivers the same performance and features across different platforms.
  • QL Player for Tizen is fully compatible with Samsung SoC hardware and has better capabilities than existing products.
  • QL Player for Tizen will offer 4K content playback on Tizen devices as soon as Tizen OS supports it.
  • QL Player for Tizen is proprietary software which doesn’t rely on the display vendor’s API, resulting in a much better performance.

On the application font, QL Player for Tizen lets users manage contents like weather, stock market information and maps, along with providing real-time news.

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