New Sessions Announced for the Samsung Developer Conference #SDC2017

Adithya Kumar
Oct 6, 2017

The Samsung Developer Conference is the main dev conference for Devs interested in developing apps and games for Android and Tizen based Samsung devices. This conference is specifically designed to bring together thousands of developers, technologists, business leaders, innovators, designers, and content creators. This will help them to network and learn about the next wave of intelligent technology.

This will be a two-day event and will be jam-packed with technical talks, and leader panels. The attendees will be able to get a hands-on experience with various Samsung products. These products include services and software from Samsung, mobile, IoT, cloud, wearables, enterprise, healthcare, VR.

With only two weeks left until The Samsung Developer Conference, Samsung has updated their Session Catalog. The catalog shows the SDC will be packed with panels, and AMAs led by Samsung. These people are the Samsung Technology Experts and industry leaders who are shaping the “Connected Thinking” future. Here are ten sessions to look forward to at the SDC2017:

AI Start-Ups – Challenges and Opportunities; Building a Business Out of AI -  AI is said to be the key theme of many business areas. An Unprecedented amount of resources are being invested in AI. With many AI startups that are relatively small, they search for their own problems. Thus SDC is inviting a few promising startups to hear their unique challenges and opportunities in turning their AI technologies into a sustainable business.

ARCore – Augmented Reality at Android Scale – Nathan Martz, Product Manager, Google - ARCore is a Google platform that allows developers to build augmented reality experiences in Android. This session will provide the developers with everything they need to start creating the next generation of smartphone AR apps. This includes fundamental technologies that enable ARCore, an overview of the ARCore SDKs for Java, Unity, and Unreal, and a selection of technical and design best practices.

The Future of Human and Machine Intelligence; Separating Fact From Fiction - Machine learning is one of the hottest topics in technology. Artificial Intelligence is in the spotlight now. But there is a need to study the consequences of AI adoption. It will allow us to a deeper understanding of how our own brain works. This expert panel will cut through the noise of the AI debate, separating fact from fiction, giving you a better understanding of the state of AI.

Comic Books, Movies, and Music – AMA Session with Stan Lee and Rain Paris.

Striking an Emotional Chord with VR– a panel with Baobab Studios Co-Founders Eric Darnell and Larry Cutler, Daniel Terdiman from FastCompany, Colum Slevin; Head of Experiences at Oculus, Ryan Horrigan, Chief Content Officer, Felix & Paul Studios.

Will Business Models Drive the Future of IoT?– A panel with Abhi Rele, Director of Product Management, Samsung, Pete Horton, VP, Legrand, Jean-Claude Junqua, VP, Smappee Inc., Dennis Khvostionov, VP of Software Platforms and Architecture, Acuity Brands, Naveen Sastry, Partner, McKinsey & Co., David Miller, VP, Mattel.

Solving Diabetes with Digital Health, The Journey Ahead – A panel with Ricky Yung Choi, Global Medical Director, Samsung, Michael Chae, American Diabetes Association, Anand Iyer, Chief Strategy Officer, WellDoc, Inc., Dr. David Barbe, Eric Cohen, Sr Manager, Dexcom.

Developing High-Fidelity Android Games: Collaboration Best Practices – Samsung recently collaborated with top game companies under the Galaxy GameDev Program to develop high-fidelity games like the HIT, Vainglory, and Lineage 2: Revolution. In this session, Samsung will introduce some upcoming high-fidelity games. The game developer partners will share their experiences in developing these Hi-Fi games.

Automate Your World: Creating New Apps for the SmartThings Ecosystem– Developers can bring great experiences to their smart home with Home Automation. The new ecosystem presents a ton of potential opportunities for new services and business. This talk will allow us to learn how to make an automation app based on specific events, devices or scheduled triggers and make the most out of our smart home automation APIs.

The Intersection of Fashion, Robotics, and Technology – Fashion using technology is an innovation that has never before been as close to the skin. The possibilities are limitless. A FashionTech designer is a person who works across disciplines in search of intelligent systems that interact with the body and environment of the wearer. Using MI and biomimicry coupled with sensors, smart devices, VR and animatronics to create wearables that belong on the runway was well as the high-tech showroom, these designs move, breathe, and react to the world around them.


Visit the full speaker and session lists to start planning your personal schedule. There are only a couple of weeks left. Don’t wait any longer!

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