In partnership with Mastercard, every Samsung Pay journey in London will feed a child this October

Adithya Kumar
Oct 24, 2017

Every day, countless children across the globe turn up for school on an empty stomach, which makes it hard to focus on lessons. Many simply do not go, as their families need them to help in the fields or around the house. For all of them, a daily school meal can mean not only better nutrition and health but also increased access to and achievement in education. It is also a strong incentive to consistently send children to school.


World Food Day

October 16th was the World Food Day, marking this day Mastercard has decided to donate a school meal to a child in need everytime you pay with your Mastercard for a journey on Transport for London and National Rail Services in London, using a Mastercard, one school meal will be donated.


School Meal donated for every Mastercard Transaction for Transport

A school meal will be donated regardless of the payment made through a contactless Mastercard or a Mastercard loaded into Samsung Pay. The donation program has been set up by Mastercard in association with the United Nations World Food Programme. However, this program is the first of its kind which involves the London’s transport network.

“We’re delighted to be involved in such a worthy cause and thrilled that it’s the first time this initiative has taken place,” said Conor Pierce, Vice President of Mobile, Samsung United Kingdom & Ireland. “It’s very important we make use of the capabilities we have to benefit everyone, and through bringing together our leading technologies, we’re able to deliver just that.”

The school meal will also be donated everytime customers use the Mastercard on Trams, DLR, London Overground, TfL Rail, Emirates Air Line, River Bus and most National Rail services in London, and a meal will be donated for every single journey.


Samsung Pay and TfL

Samsung also has an exclusive partnership with TfL. This partnership allows the Samsung Pay users to set a payment card up as a ‘transport card’. This is to use all TfL services and most National Rail services in London. Thus allowing them to simply tap their phone against the card reader. This eliminates the need to wake their phone or verify with a fingerprint or passcode.

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