Samsung addressing IoT data security at the chip level with Secure Element

Andrea Rovai
Oct 20, 2017

Despite all the security issues that today data security departments have to deal with, concerns can only rise with the Internet of Things becoming widespread. From smart appliances to wearables, we’re living in a world more and more connected every day - and each connection is also a vulnerability - a passage to enter our houses. If we apply the very same concepts to industries and smart factories we suddenly realize that it’s another kettle of fish entirely: since each smart thing is a road for the cloud it also represents a bottleneck, ready to be hacked. Samsung is working on the problem, and yesterday introduced Secure Element (SE), a solution that tightly combines hardware and software to ensure top-level security.

And this Samsung’s Secure Element seems nothing to be taken lightly: for the first time in the industry we got embedded flash (eFlash) at the 45-nanometers (nm) process node (!), which basically means faster data processing and much more flexibility than EEPROMs. Security is provided at the chip level, as we anticipated yesterday, with Secure Element resetting itself if it detects abnormal activity. Software-wise, Samsung’s dedicated software for Secure Element takes care of personal verification, security key storage, encoding, decoding.

The Secure Element was displayed at the Samsung Developer Conference on October 18 and 19, 2017, in San Francisco, USA.


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