Samsung announces SmartThings Cloud at SDC 2017 to boost the number of connected devices

Oct 19, 2017

Samsung has been promoting the concept of having an open platform for IoT devices from any brand for a while now. With the company's vision to have all its devices interconnected by 2020, it has been taking many steps in the whole connect devices category starting with Artik devices as a prototyping platform for future devices. Samsung also has readily available connected Home IoT products under its SmartThings subsidiary brand which it acquired a few years ago.



Now, at SDC 2017 in San Francisco, Samsung announced The SmartThings Cloud which is an Open platform developed by merging all of Samsung's current cloud services. With SmartThings Cloud, interoperability of devices and services gets a big boost as Samsung connect compatible devices such as its TVs, Refrigerators, etc can now connect with Artik devices which can also connect with SmartThings smart home devices as well as the newly announced (also at SDC17) Bixby 2.0 smart assistant. The best thing about SmartThings Cloud is that developers will have to code their services or products for a single API which will then be compatible with over a billion devices.

With SmartThings already having a number of other brand products certified as ‘Works with SmartThings’ and ‘Works as SmartThings Hub', SmartThings Cloud already has cross-brand devices that can take advantage of this new services to further expand connectivity and interoperability with more devices of all shapes and sizes. So, expect more devices in the future both from Samsung and other brands to make use of SmartThings Cloud for a connected future.

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