Samsung could be announcing the much needed Bixby 2.0 update at SDC 2017

Oct 13, 2017

Virtual Assistants are getting really good and actually useful rather than a gimmick in the recent times with the likes of Google assistant, Amazon's Alexa and Apple's Siri topping the leaderboards with some intense competition to become almost perfect. Samsung is slowly getting into the race with its own Artificial Intelligence based smart assistant Bixby that was introduced to the world with the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+. But, the road hasn't been smooth for Bixby due to a lot of technical hold offs with respect to lack of data and experience in this industry, Samsung had to delay the release of Bixby by about two months.


After being under initial criticism, Bixby is now slowly getting on track with a lot of useful features such as booking an Uber, controlling music playback,etc. With the Samsung Developer Conference 2017 being less than a week away from taking place in San Francisco on October 18, it is now being rumored that Samsung could be announcing an update to Bixby called Bixby 2.0 at the event to further improve its capabilities and give it access to more third party services. Samsung has also been working on a Bixby speaker for a while now, so with the Bixby 2.0 update, we could see Bixby as more than just a smart assistant for smartphones and making its way into many other category of samsung's devices such as wearables like the Gear S3 and Gear Sport, Samsung Smart TVs, etc.

Another interesting news that is pointing at a new improved Bixby is the appointing of Samsung's Research America’s vice chief Chung Eui-suk as new the head of service intelligence group headquartered in South Korea that is responsible for developing bixby and other smart solutions. Samsung however denied claims that this can be seen as a replacement for the head of Bixby development Mr. Rhee In-jong, Samsung mobile’s chief technology officer. So, with the Bixby 2.0 update in the queue, the anticipation for SDC 17 is now stronger than ever.

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