Samsung granted Patent for a Smart Bracelet with a Flexible Display

Oct 16, 2017

Tizen Experts had earlier reported that Samsung Electronics is ranked first in terms of patents in wearable technology. Just to strengthen their position at the top, they have recently been granted patent for another of their wearable device, a bracelet with a flexible display. Samsung had filed for this patent in the United States back in August 2015 and was granted to them on 10th of this month by U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.


Samsung has always been known for experimenting wearable designs and this bracelet could be their most elaborate design to date. The display of the bracelet can not only take the shape of the bracelet, but can also be altered. A portion of the display can be stiffened away from the bracelet base to present a vertical display.

But Samsung is not done yet. There’s still lot uniqueness about this bracelet. The display of the bracelet can also be rotated to get a horizontal screen which may be better suited for some jobs like image viewing or watching videos.



Though Samsung files patents almost on a daily basis, with over 300 thousand granted patents, only a handful of them actually make their way into the market. It’d be interesting to see if this smart bracelet does actually get productised.

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