Samsung has been Granted Patents for a Smart Steering Wheel, a Scrollable TV, Foldable Phones and an Odd Wallet

Adithya Kumar
Oct 4, 2017

Samsung Electronics has a total of 335,155 granted patents and 462,601 patent applications distributed into 336,266 patent families. Their main technology areas are semiconductor devices; electric solid state devices, pictorial communication and electric digital data processing.

The U.S. Patent Office has granted a total of 5 patents to Samsung Electronics. Out of which 4 are design patents and one utility patent.

The patents that are granted to Samsung include an Automotive Steering Wheel with integrated displays, Scrollable Computer or TV Display, two different styles of folding smartphones, and an unusual wallet.


Samsung-Granted Patents-Smart-Steering-Wheel-Scrollable-TV-Foldable-Phones-Odd-Wallet-2

Automotive Steering wheel

Samsung has applied for a patent for a steering wheel that has integrated displays and as shown in the image, there are three areas where displays have been integrated. This may work as a 'Smart' Steering Wheel which might possibly be interfaced with your phone.


Samsung-Granted Patents-Smart-Steering-Wheel-Scrollable-TV-Foldable-Phones-Odd-Wallet-3

Rollable Display Panel

A rollable display panel is a panel that may be used in Computer or Tizen Smart TV. This patent was actually published by USPTO back in November 2016. Samsung has been working on the foldable displays for quite some time. This patent shows us how Samsung's Engineers are working on these kinds of displays.


Samsung-Granted Patents-Smart-Steering-Wheel-Scrollable-TV-Foldable-Phones-Odd-Wallet-4

Foldable Phones

It seems no so long ago that a touchscreen Phone was impossible. Samsung has been granted patents for two different foldable Smartphone displays. According to the Patent figures, one of the displays works somewhat like a door and the other is something like flipping a paper of a notepad.


Samsung-Granted Patents-Smart-Steering-Wheel-Scrollable-TV-Foldable-Phones-Odd-Wallet-5

A Wallet

One of the oddest patent granted in the bunch is for what seems like a wallet. However, the actual details of the same are unknown so we are unable to tell how this is going to work.


A patent is an exclusive right granted for an invention, which is a product or a process that provides, in general, a new way of doing something, or offers a new technical solution to a problem. It is highly unlikely for a patent application to reveal design or working of a particular product. All we can do is look at the designs that are available and understand what the product is. It is extremely difficult to discover the materials used to make a particular product.

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