Samsung kicks off its annual OpenSource Conference or SOSCON in South Korea

Adithya Kumar
Oct 27, 2017

The Samsung Open Source Conference' also known as SOSCON is underway at the Samsung R&D Center at Ueon-dong, Seoul. This conference took place on October 25 and 26. This is one of the largest open-source conferences where over 1000 developers will participate in the conference every year.



The KeyNote Speech

The keynote speeches were made by Cho Seung-hwan, VP of Samsung Electronics Software Center and Prof. Oh Jun-Ho, Professor of Mechanical Engineering at the KAIST, Kim Beom-Joon, CTO of WoowaBrothers( a food delivery company) and Baedaleui Minjok, VP of KamalBrar of Hortonworks, a leading company in the open source-based big data sector. These speeches emphasized the importance of the development culture and the value of open source software.

The speakers took to the stage during the commencement ceremony to educate attendees on not only the importance, development, and value of open-source technology but also the benefits of sharing and collaboration.


Technical Sessions

The event had more than 30 technical sessions on Artifical Intelligence, Big Data, Internet of Things, Cloud, and other Security Technologies. Samsung Electronics, Microsoft, SKT, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Naver showcased their open source platforms, this included 'Tizen', Mixed Reality and other Big Data Platforms.


There were hands-on sessions, where the organizers allowed the attendees to utilize GitHub. GitHub is a web hosting service for open source projects. It is used to develop software where all the teammates can collaborate. They can also fork the existing project and make the changes they want without affecting the actual project.

The attendees also created devices directly under the theme of IoT powered by Tizen OS. There was also a competition or a Hackathon which was focused on solving problems in the IoT platform.


OCF Korea Plugfest

Conferences like these provide a unique opportunity for Information Exchanges among developers. The 'OCF Korea Plugfest' event is a test of mutual interoperability among Korean OCF devices that saw participation from the developers. They have created their products that meet the technical standards of the IoT standardization organization OCF (Open Connectivity Foundation).


SOSCON is working with domestic open source developers to share their knowledge of open source development and to create new value.

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